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How Eco-Friendly Lifestyle leads to Stress Free Living?

“Being green is more than just buying ‘eco’. It is an unshakable commitment to a sustainable lifestyle”. After a hectic day at work, you anticipate coming home to serenity because conscious and sustainable living is what one asks for in today’s stressful routine. An eco-friendly environment is the most significant component for a healthy lifestyle, and one must adapt the shift our planet needs. An eco-friendly environment not only benefits the psychological but also physical attributes of our body. A healthy body is equally important as a healthy mind. A healthy body helps you to stay fit, whereas a healthy mind assists you to live a conscious life. A home close to nature is a step towards a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle, and one should continually take hold of that step. With a vision of tomorrow, Ambience by the Himalayas has incorporated all of your necessities within a single quad. It is located amidst the finest shades of green and tranquility all around. Ambience villas in Raipur encompasses positive effects on the well-being of its inhabitants due to its eco-friendly surroundings outside and multiple gardens inside the campus. We at Ambience, have taken care of your requirements of a healthy lifestyle along with luxury. The Deluxe and Premium villas are surrounded by lush green fields and take hold of the eco-friendly systems within the campus. These systems include waste and resource management treatment plants with a touch of greenery. The increasing scarcity of resources has led our planet to a deep concern for the future generations. However, all of us need to reuse and recycle those resources and conserve energy as much as possible. Its high time we get to take the initiative to quit wasting the resources and start preserving them. Furthermore, keeping in mind all of that, we have taken a few essential steps that include the installation of the rainwater harvesting system & sewage treatment and Dense perimeter landscapes. Rainwater harvesting system We have installed a Rainwater harvesting system into our projects because conserving the resources today will give us a resourceful tomorrow. The basic rainwater harvesting system is more of a plumbing job than a technical one. In this process, all the water outlets from the building terrace connect using the pipes to a regular underground tank/container that stores water, which serves the goal of restoring wells and borewells. We endeavour to anticipate our residents from depending on the groundwater and make potable water efficiently accessible to them anytime. Ambience villas in Raipur have taken the lead towards a sustainable lifestyle for its residents and subserved the basic life purpose of a responsible citizen. Sewage treatment To fit with the specific needs and future requirements, Ambience by the Himalayas have installed the sewage treatment plant. Due to the government’s new norms and policies, they have made the installation of sewage treatment plants mandatory in the residential complexes. Nevertheless, these plants play a major role in the process of eco-friendly lifestyles. These sewage treatment plants are the clear solution for the waste management within the campus premises and protecting our environment. Moving towards the use of alternative energy instead of natural resources should be the goal of everyone to conserve the supplies for our future generations, and we are exultant to be walking on that path. Nature & Landscapes Rise and shine amidst the lush green landscaping gardens within the campus boundaries. It not only improves your health but also magnifies the local wildlife near you or you can say fauna. All the components of nature, including the plants, soil, and water, transfer a tremendous amount of positive energy into your lives and takes all your stress away. The same way it has an incredibly positive effect on our environment too. Today, when pollution has been a terrible situation for every being on this planet, nature is the only heal. They filter the pollutants and purify the air by increasing the oxygen levels. Apart from this, these landscape gardens and walkways also help to conserve the essential natural resources such as water and help you to live a sustainable life. Quality of life determines the quality of mind, and we have designed our villas keeping in mind the same. Due to our environment-friendly designs, we are acknowledged as one of the luxury villas in Raipur because we at Ambience, know the relevance of a sustainable living into the stressful routines and creating a space for serenity. Make way towards the truly climate-friendly way of living and do your utmost to protect and conserve our natural resources. Choose Ambience and let your surroundings carry away your worries. For more further information and booking related queries, reach us on: Phone: +91-75099 03333,+91- 75099 13333, +91-75099 23333 Or you can also Email us at:

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