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Lockdown Proved Why Home Is More Important Than Ever

"Stay Home, Stay Safe" is the common message that we have been hearing countless times in this unprecedented period. Homes have always been the foundation for each one of us, but all of a sudden the importance has magnified. As lockdown becomes the new normal, our homes have become a bubble that none of us wants to escape in this time of the pandemic, and is our safe haven. It has forced us to engage with our homes and the spaces it offers in different ways - home is now the office, the gym, the classroom, the salon, the movie theatre, and much more. Another major positive impact of this lockdown is the way it had brought the family closer to one another. With the fast-paced lives, we hardly sit together with our family; this lockdown indeed has allowed us to rekindle the relationship we lost with our family. What we need from our homes is more important than it has ever been. The security that our home provides has never been more real, as we retreat to their sanctuary to stay safe from the pandemic. Here is how our Home has again become a refuge, a place for safety, and how we want a Spacious and Good Home to lead a happy lifestyle. A Spacious Home The luxurious villas at Ambience have ensured that the family will never feel uncomfortable within the four walls of the house. The open spaces, the perfectly incorporated designs are here to compliment the specifics of the villas to ease the lockdown period. The spaciousness of the villas and the blissful location can do wonders to bust your stressful thoughts. With nothing being out of place, the villas are more than just beauty and the joy of living here only seems to be growing more with each passing day. Rediscovering the areas of Home This Quarantine period has allowed us to rediscover various areas of our Home. When work and study along with the demands of running a household are brought together, it can end up as a testing time. For those with young children, even a spacious flat can turn into a confined space, but this is not the case while one is residing at Ambience Villas. The posh design, the multi rooms at the villas gives each member of the family, their perfect study space, and the work station. The villas are perfectly designed to be more adaptable, for people to live and work in and spend more time in. Eco-friendly System With various eco-friendly systems like sewage treatment and rainwater harvesting systems installed in the locality, the accumulation of dirt and germs is nearly impossible. The quality of life and the hygienic conditions in the areas where the system operates has improved to a great extent thereby leading a healthier and hygienic lifestyle for everyone around. Months into this lockdown, most people now understand the importance of open space in the home which helps people breathe in the fresh air in the balcony and terrace, and live their life happily and peacefully while remaining indoors.

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Kiran Nair & Associates, Pune
Design Cell, Raipur .

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Opposite - Jain Public School, Between VIP Road & New Dhamtari Road, Near Atal Expressway,
Devpuri, Raipur (C.G.)

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