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Eco-friendly lifestyle at Ambience Raipur

Imagine a home that is surrounded by greenish fields, located in the prime location of Raipur, equipped with modern amenities that also, have a balanced share of eco-friendly atmosphere.

What if you get all these under one roof?

For sure, after all, who doesn’t want to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle?

Ambience Raipur ‘the limited edition villas’ is designed to establish a harmonious blend with nature where you experience the state of bliss.

If we describe a beautiful lifestyle in the residential project then it should not be confined within certain parameters, be it luxury & amenities.

 Beyond that, we must also consider its ecological factor, location & waste management that convey the futuristic vision of a happy society.

Ambience Raipur, 5bhk villas in Raipur, has incorporated, every aspect of life, embodying its futuristic vision for creating a nature-friendly atmosphere. It is also aimed to preserve the culture of imbibing the noble principle that establishes a harmonious blend with nature.

Villas of Ambience Raipur is beautiful in every sense that radiates pleasing vibes throughout its villas. Ambience Raipur ‘the limited edition villas’ has installed rainwater harvesting system & sewage system that echo with nature.

There is a need to understand the looming threat of water scarcity in this world. Ever increasing dependency of the humane population cannot merely depend on natural water resources. By saving every drop of water, we are reducing our dependency on natural resources of water like rivers, lakes and underwater bore wells. Some state governments in the country have taken cognizance of the problem and made it mandatory for new buildings to have rainwater harvesting tanks. So echoing with the compliance of state government and also as a noble initiative, Ambience Raipur has proactively imbibed these noble initiatives.

Apart from Rainwater harvesting system, Ambience Raipur has also incorporated sewage treatment. It is the process by which contaminants or water pollutants are removed from wastewater. A society can only flourish if its people living there are healthy & happy.

So in a nutshell, Ambience Raipur is one of the best residential projects for people that are aimed to preserve the culture of imbibing the noble principles that establish a harmonious blend with the nature.

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Architect :
Kiran Nair & Associates, Pune
Design Cell, Raipur .

Site & Office Address 

Opposite - Jain Public School, Between VIP Road & New Dhamtari Road, Near Atal Expressway,
Devpuri, Raipur (C.G.)

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